FAQs Regarding Upholstery

Q. Have you retired?

A. No, but after 34-years at Earlswood Craft Centre I am going to run the business from a home workshop, hence I will come out to you with material samples, customers can be assured that the exceptional standards which have become the hallmark of the business will be maintained.

Q. How does re-upholstery compare to buying new?

A. Whilst furniture advertised on TV may appear great value for money, such sofas are rarely made to last more than a few years. In contrast items made or restored by Geoffrey Treagus are built to last. Clients receive expert advice on what materials to choose to ensure that your cherished furniture is able to provide continued service for many years to come.

Q. What are the options regarding fabrics and materials?

A. Each job is made or restored to your requirements, we are not tied to any particular supplier and so we can offer the material to meet your needs.

Q. Can you collect?

A. Yes, Geoffrey Treagus can collect your furniture and deliver it back to you when the job is finished.

Q. Can you supply insurance estimates?

A. Yes, we are frequently asked to provide insurance estimates.

Q. Do you charge for quotations?

A. No we are more than happy to provide quotations free of charge.

Q. They do not make furniture like they use to!

A. That is certainly true in many instances, but you might be interested to know we have a store room with many superbly made items of furniture, which are waiting to be re-upholstered. This provides a very economical way of enjoying the fine craftsmanship of yesteryear with the fabric of your choice.

Q. Can I pop down at any time?

A. Please always ring before making a journey to ensure that we are here.


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